The thinning line between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Bernie Sanders Everyone knows what an entrepreneur is, but lately there has been much conversation about the innovation of intrepreneurs.  People like Bernie Sanders like to say that intrepreneurs are the backbone of America and while there may be some truth to this, it is both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs working together who drive the economy. However the traditional role of the entrepreneur is changing and even merging with the intrapreneurs with the quickly approaching augmented age.

Intrensic Extrinsic To get a clear understanding of what the difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is we need to first look at the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic people and their motivations. Extrinsic people (like entrepreneurs) are motivated by money, and the payoff they will receive for completing a task. Intrinsic people (like intrapreneurs) are more concerned with personal growth and being recognized for their efforts. traditionally you would have an intrinsic person manage continuous improvement or research and development projects while an extrinsic person would run an operation.

 Being on the brink of the Augmented age is thinning the line between the entrepreneur and intrapreneur because of the abundance of new technology. Resources like social media marketing and setting up a storefront are easier and cheaper for the intrapreneur therefore eliminating risk traditionally  only entrepreneurs would take on. Also new innovation is in abundance for a massive amount of entrepreneurs to capitalize on. The truth is that (because opposites attract) many couples are now capable of running a business from their home.  All anyone needs to sell their creativity  is create an online presence through social media marketing like Snapchat or Facebook, create an Etsy and BOOM, you have a business that can make money with little to no money invested.

Augmented age Now couples may have an advantage by working as a team, but individuals are in a good position too. In the past many people have relied on a well formatted resume to get them a good job, but it doesn’t work like that anymore.  If you want to land your ideal job, you have to build an online reputation in your field.  I personally do this using WordPress and LinkedIn.  It is necessary to build a network of references and publish articles to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Only then will you stand out among the sea of other candidates.

Snapchat Pocket Snapchat is on the front of the augmented age giving creative intrapreneurs a place to grow and sell to an audience using a new social media format and new technology and slowly steeling customers from Facebook.  Google is replacing Microsoft documents by offering their documents for free.  This is an amazing resource for any entrepreneur who is looking to reduce their risk.

 If you are looking to start up a business or just make yourself look professional there are many people out there who will help, myself included. This age is so fun to interact with that many people are giving value away, and if you look hard enough you might be able to find a passionate intrapreneur who will offer their services for free.




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