Putting tools in your cloud and getting ready for the Augmented Age

Jarvis_shield_interfaceIt took people a while to understand what “the cloud” actually is. Some might still be trying to figure it out. I am, not because I’m unsure what it is, but because I’m trying to understand what it will become. We watch movies like Iron Man and we see Tony Sark work with holograms and talk to artificial intelligence. For now we see this as fantasy, but this concept is closer to reality then you might think.

Siri As the Augmented Age hits, there are tools you will need to have in place if you want to use augmented reality efficiently. The cloud is where you focus all these tools and build your foundation. But what cloud do you use?  Apple, Gooogle, Amazon, and Microsoft already have cloud tools and services you can start building on. I personally am building a foundation with Google services, while my wife finds Amazon better suits her needs.

What are some of the tools you will use in the augmented age you might ask? Well think of Tony Stark and the things that he has. Probably the most efficient tool that he has is Jarvis. This tool is already available to us today! Apple has Siri, Google has the Google Home, and Amazon has the Echo. These devices are amazing but they are still in a primitive stage.  All they can do is simple calculation, turn the lights on and off, read texts and stuff like that.

amazondash-jpgAmazon has an interesting tool called Dash-Buttons. They are a physical button you push to replenish supplies, however this is the type of tool that will transform once AR glasses hit the market. You will be able to stick them wherever you want like you can an emoji on Snapchat.

google glass AR glasses are the piece of the puzzle that are missing but they are almost here. Meta has been one of the front runners in developing this technology. The companies founder Merton Gribetz has even done a TED talk on the subject. The glasses are going to let you work like Tony Stark. You will finally be able to reduce the distractions of the internet and turn things around to let them enhance your life.

For the time being your smart phone is only a small window into the Augmented Age. For now all that is available are devices to put your mobile device over your face so you can see through the eyes of your phone. Keep a look out for the tools you need like the Microsoft Kinect, 360 cameras, or the Google Glasses and see how you can build them into your foundation. If you have your cloud ready by the time Augmented Reality gets here, you will have an advantage over everyone else trying to catch up.




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