Why Simbi?

11412225_1456676324625849_8328767531168283407_o-e1471404186692Due to the increasing inflation we are faced with today I have chosen to avoid using the US Dollar . Simbi has a great credit system, and also a prosperous community of individuals who are constantly building each other up by trading skills and services. I was able to learn how to build this website using Simbi and I was able to get my logo created by Ryan who is an extremely talented member of the Simbi community.

In addition to using Simbi credits I have set up a Bitcoin wallet and will use that private currency as an asset. Starting a business with no money seems crazy, I know, but the idea is to move the value I create to a place that will maintain it’s value over time.

Other options I have considered or plan to use include GoldMoney, and even MTG cards. Bartering and trading are how I plan to handal most of the finances. I understand these alternative currencies will not neccesarily pay the rent, but they will likely hold their value better then the US dollar.